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New Biology

The Nature of Astrology: Two Questions

Let me take you on a tour of the self-similarity within Nature and answer two questions along the way.

New Biology

Astrology Reading or Membership--What's the difference?

The IBA Membership is the core of my practice and is the best I can offer in order to help your health. I offer astrology readings also--as a stand alone option--for people who are specifically interested in learning more about this fascinating science.

Intuitive Health Consulting

Who am I? What's my story? What's it like to work with me? (A public talk)

What does an intuitive practice look like? How can I get started?

New Biology

Electromagnetic Field of the Heart and Intuition

How is intuition possible? We don't know for sure, but the heart's electromagnetic field gives us a clue.

Intuitive Health Consulting

The Power is YOU

Comparing Traditional, Alternative, and Evolutionary health care

New Biology

Dogs prove that nature wins, every d--- time

Human technology--despite expense and effort--pales in comparison to the complexity and power of nature. The dogs who can detect cancer and viral infections are an incredible example of this truism.

New Biology

The unique power of spagyric medicine - New Glossary entry

The difference between an herbal tincture and a spagyric herbal tincture


Systemic Racism and Social Justice - My Plan version 3

This is the third posting of my Systemic Racism and Social Justice Plan. I am hoping to keep the plan living and updated as I--and our world--evolve. With each update, I ?submit a new intro and tweak the body of the post. Version 2--inspired by Amanda Gorman's Inauguration poem, can be found here.


Prevention of Ticks

When I first heard about using Tick Tubes as a way to reduce ticks in my yard, I imagined half-burying little tubes in the ground with poison inside. The unsuspecting ticks would wander along and (BAM!) fall into a trap.

Lyme Disease

Treating Lyme without Antibiotics

Most of my clients recover from Lyme disease with a support plan that does not include antibiotics.