The heart connects us all through a sea of electromagnetic information

The Electromagnetic Field of the Heart

The Electromagnetic Field of the Heart

#3- Your Heart's Electromagnetic Field and Intuition (10 min read)

(In April of 2023, I sent an email announcement that my practice was fully "intuitive." Previously, clients were mailing me samples of saliva or blood to assess with an electromagnetic resonance antennae. This section of that email is an answer to a client's question about how bioresonance could possibly work, i.e., "How do you 'see' what you're able to see?!")

"Your note about the electromagnetic field of the heart is a foundational concept for the work that I do. The heart field extends 10 feet in front and in back of you and interacts with thousands of other fields, including those of other people. Our bodies and ourselves are much more enmeshed in our environment than is apparent from our senses. Logically and mechanistically, our bodies end at our skin. Functionally and more scientifically, we are a "standing wave" on an ocean of electromagnetic information. This image of connection is a more accurate model of our world.

Every time we refine our scientific instruments to be able to sense more subtle information in our environment, we find that there are more and more connections among all of us. In fact, on a cellular and electromagnetic level, it's hard to tell where one of us ends and another begins.

What does this have to do with the IBA and the change in my practice?

In short, with thousands of "reps" under my belt, I can now intuitively connect with my clients through that sea of electromagnetic consciousness that we are all swimming in better than if I use my old technique of a blood sample and a Lecher antennae.

In recent years, I've been regularly testing my technique and determining what is essential for getting accurate info.


  • How long until the blood sample is too old?
  • Is it ok to freeze?
  • Is blood better than saliva?
  • Is a direct intuitive connection possible or is a blood/saliva sample required?

Through systematic testing of these variables, I found that my intuitive ability to connect with my clients depended less and less on the physical characteristics of the sample. There was a very distinct change in the quality of the information.

In fact, for the past six months or so, I can get clearer and more detailed information when intuitively connecting directly to you, the client, than if you send me a sample.

I'm both excited and nervous about this development because:

  1. The work we can do together is deeper and more powerful.
  2. I imagine some people will be uncomfortable with the change.

Of those who are uncomfortable, many of them may say "it's unscientific" and therefore wrong. But the irony is that it is through my application of objective observational science that I've arrived at this conclusion. The fact that I don't exactly know "how" it works, doesn't mean it's not able to work. And in that claim I am in line with centuries of exploratory science.

So yes, there is a bioresonance that happens when I perform the Intuitive Assessment. When we work together, I am one standing wave connecting through the sea of electromagnetic information to another standing wave that is "You."

Your heart's field is one easy-to-measure example of a portion of this field. While other aspects of this "sea of electromagnetic fields" are much harder to measure. So we have to rely on systematic observation of results instead of knowing exactly how it works, and hope that someday the entire phenomenon of intuitive/psychic connection is better understood.

That process is, in fact, the way scientific progress has always worked and it's rewarding to be a part of the ongoing changes in our perception of the world.

Please let me know if this makes sense or if you have questions. I honor your time and trust!"

-Travis Elliott