How does the Intuitive Bioresonance Assessment work?

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This is an easy question to receive and a bear to answer. Quantum revolutions in science can hint at some answers, as can newer understandings of biofields and biological systems.

However, our perceptions of how the world works is still stuck in the linear science of hundreds of years ago. Medicine is stuck in the linear science of hundreds of years ago. Therefore, it's easy to discount the explanations of energy medicine and assessment as "woo-woo."

But worldwide, there are groups of researchers who are trying to deepen our understanding of biofield therapies--a category that my IBA could be put into.

In a summary article of the research in this field, David Muesham states:

"Advances in a wide range of scientific disciplines (such as biophysics, biology, functional genomics, neu- roscience, psychology and psychoneuroimmunology), have begun to emphasize the importance of informa- tion in the natural processes of life. These results pro- vide a new viewpoint on the subtle system of ‘biofield’ interactions that organize biological processes from the subatomic, atomic, molecular, cellular, organismic, to the interpersonal, cultural and cosmic levels.

Bio-field interactions have been suggested to operate via well-understood mechanisms of biological chemistry, low-energy nonthermal electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or subtle energy processes, quantum behaviors related to consciousness, nonlocality and causality, and perhaps other means not presently well-understood. In short, the previous, primarily reductive-materialist, scientific view is giving way to a systems-oriented viewpoint emphasizing information, complexity, inter- dependence, culture and consciousness."

Essentially, I use a hand-held antennae that is sensitive to this kind of information, along with my own intuition to access and unlock the key ways to support your health. It is a process that elegantly manifests "information, complexity, interdependence, culture, and consciousness" in a way that I've never more effectively experienced.

Read more about this world-wide research project to learn more about bio-field health care.

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