Evolutionary herbal power

Herbal Oil distillation

Essential oil distillation-- First spagyric step

The results that my clients get, in terms of healing from Lyme, autoimmune disease, and other health conditions took a huge leap when I started using spagyric herbal preparations instead of standard tinctures.

Because I get a lot of questions about these power-packed little bottles, I made "spagyric" my latest entry in my practice's Glossary and Terms resource. Click the link to see this growing resource. And let me know if you'd like other definitions that aren't up yet.

Spagyric: Alchemical preparation of herbal medicines through a process of separation and recombination that is a microcosm of the life-->death-->rebirth cycle of the natural world. Separation of the volatile oil (1st step) of a plant in the first step is akin to separating the soul from the body. After this symbolic death of the plant, fermentation (2nd step) is a journey into the underworld of putrefecation. This step loosens the spirit from the body. The body of the plant is then purified and crystallized (3rd step) in specific alkaline salts unique to that plant. Finally, cohobation (4th step) is the recombining of the oil (soul), alcohol (spirit), and salts (body) rebirths the transmuted. plant that is now consciously evolved. This "spagyric" plant medicine (taken in the form of a tincture) helps guide the herbalist and clients through the same transmutation that the plant was taken through. Through this process we are asking the plant to be transmuted and to be used in service to our own transmutation and evolution. This same principle is related to Scorpio, shamanism, and other practices that use the mind to bring the entire being through an intense practice and pattern to come out of the other side.

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