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Curious what others are saying? Listen to these two testimonials.

Travis is amazing! Our daughter had struggled with allergies and hives for years.


After visiting a multitude of healers and doctors over the years on my path to optimal health, Travis’s approach has provided the missing pieces of the puzzle that previously proved quite elusive. If I could refer everyone to Travis, I would.


I've struggled with Hashimoto's disease, endometriosis, and a series of chronic parasitic, viral and fungal infections...Travis has truly changed my life.


I have worked with Travis on several occasions. I work with him while I live out of state and send my blood sample to his office. Each time he has taken the time to listen to my health concerns. I had become very sick and my Kidneys were shutting down, after doing an assessment and providing an herbal concoction my kidney function is over 75% progress. Absolutely amazing. Even my primary is shocked because they did not know what caused it to happen. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Travis.


Travis helped the sarcoidosis in my lungs. The latest results from a CT scan were amazing. My pulmonologist said to, "keep doing what you're doing, it's better than any medicine I could give you."


I had been searching for help for a long-time thyroid issue after being essentially dismissed by my primary physician, and had heard about Dr. Travis from a friend of mine who has been working with him regarding her own thyroid issues. From the first visit, Travis listened deeply, explained everything thoroughly and has been a true partner in my healthcare journey. I have been steadily improving over time, feeling better as every month goes by and feel healthier and happier than I have been in years! I highly recommend him!


Travis was able to clear up a 10 year lingering virus for my daughter in about 4 visits without any complicated dietary regimens that other doctors tried and our family had a hard time following. I highly recommend Travis and his bioresonance test to help you get to the root cause of your health issue in the simplest way!


Travis has been a great help to my family. He filled in some major pieces in the puzzle of our health struggles. I feel we have made a lot of progress under his care. I came to him very leery of all doctors and he treated me with kindness and respected my thoughts. He patiently explained things to me and educated me through the process. He has a more relaxed approach and I found it refreshing to not be pressured into super intense protocols or be guilt tripped if it didn't follow everything to a T. I found his approach very empowering to help take back my health and the health of my family.


Travis is a wonderful healing facilitator and doctor. He has helped me so much, words are inadequate. I have recommended him to many people. I'm very grateful he chose to settle in Vermont!


Travis is a warm welcome to our medical community. Personally he has been a great aid resource in identifying the etiology of my food sensitivities and developing a greater understanding of nutritional value. Dr. Elliot is very personable and has great availability for both in office visits and online assistance.


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