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What to Expect

Getting started is easy and free

Your body knows how to navigate your River, we just need to ask.


The first consult and IBA (Intuitive Bioresonance Assessment) is free, but I need you to mail me a tiny sample of saliva or blood.

1. Request a welcome kit with supplies to collect your sample.

2. Put your sample in the mail and schedule a New Client consult.

3. At the appointed time, we will meet via videoconference, I will perform the IBA, and we will go over your detailed report.

Detailed Guide to the Bioresonance Report


The IBA report addresses blocked 'Flow' and 'Priority'

Assessments of electromagnetic information to determine:

  • Nutritional status, infections, toxicity.
  • The physical systems or organs that are most blocked.
  • Your foundational archetype.

* No diagnosis will be given. The IBA determines only what your body determines is the highest priority. It does not identify all diseases or dysfunction.

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Personalized Support Plan

The personalized support plan includes:

  • 1-3 recommendations that are chosen by your body via bioresonance.
  • Possibilities include herbal tinctures, nutritional supplements, detoxification support, homeopathy, or much more.
  • The support plan is specific for the current priority block and will only be taken for a few weeks before re-assessing and moving to the next layer.

* No disease is treated. The support plan is specific for releasing blockages in the client's self-healing flow, leading to increased chance of spontaneous healing.

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After 3-4 weeks, your body will be ready for the next step:

To continue moving down the River of Health with increased self-healing flow, you will need to choose one of three Subscription Plans:

  • Maintain Flow Plan: 5 IBA consults over a 12 month period.
  • Restore Flow Plan: 10 IBA consults over 12 months.
  • Accelerated Restore: 15 IBA consults in 12 months.

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