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What to Expect

Getting started is easy and free.

Your body knows how to navigate your River, we just need to ask.


The first Intuitive Assessment (IBA) and consult is free.

1. Sign up for a New Membership. (Click link for benefits description) The first month is free and you can cancel at any time.

2. After becoming a member, schedule your New Client Consult.

4. At the appointed time, we will meet via videoconference, I will perform the IBA. After learning more about your health story, I will perform the intuitive assessment and create a detailed report.


Detailed Guide to the Bioresonance Report


The IBA report addresses blocked 'Flow' and 'Priority'

Insight may be gained into:

  • Physiologic system support and tissue state priority.
  • Clues for nutritional status, toxicity, and chronic infections.
  • Your foundational archetypes, using astrological and nature-based patterns as a guide to find meaning in your disease and direction in your life.
  • Specially prepared plant medicines that consciously resonate with the changes your body/mind is trying to make.

* No diagnosis will be given. The IBA determines only what your body determines is the highest priority. It does not identify all diseases or dysfunction

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Personalized Support Plan

The personalized support plan includes:

  • 1-2 recommendations that stem from intuitive consultation with what your body needs. This information emerges from the complex interactions among plants, animals, fungi, you (the client), and me (the guide).
  • The support plan primarily consists of spagyrically prepared herbal and fungal tinctures.
  • Other possibilites include nutritional support for detox or infections.
  • If appropriate for transformational healing, we will weave astrological insights and nature-based archetypes into the support plan.
  • The support plan is specific for the current priority block and will only be taken for a few weeks before re-assessing and moving to the next layer.

* No disease is treated. The support plan is specific for releasing blockages in the client's self-healing flow, leading to increased chance of spontaneous healing.

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After 3-4 weeks, your body will be ready for the next step:

To continue moving down the River of Health with increased self-healing flow, we repeat the intuitive bioresonance consult every 3 - 4 weeks.

  • With each report, we dive deeper into your health so that the underlying roots of your disease can become a transformational force in your healing and evolution.

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